1. we are collecting this data directly from students, colleges and corresponding coatching centres.
2. we are marking our data with a stamp, watter mark,logo etc.it is illegel to publish our data in other site.
3. we are identifying the user by his phone number and hall ticket nubner provided by user.
4. it is complesury to lregister you want to commented on our site.
5. any one can access our site and use the data provided with out regestring.
6. we are responding to your comments and questions by your email id given by you.
7. the user can edit his profile ,when it need.
8. the user can't unregister him/her self once you register.
9. we are providing email id and a wattsup number for collecting the data from the user.
10. we edit the data sended by the user and put it in the correct fromet in this polytechadd.com 
11. the user can't edit the data provided by polytechadda.com, he/she can only complaint us for the approprite issue.

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